MWM Ep. 34 – Starring Joel


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This episode started like any other episode but due to an emergency that came up Christian and Tipsy had to leave the taping leaving Joel and Luis to do a 2 person podcast. So an impromptu fireside chat happens and Luis interviews Joel about his life as a musician. Joel recounted all the bands he was a part of and the first time he felt like a rock star when he played a show at his middle school and started a riot. He then tells a story of a time he participated in a riot at a show which resulted in him punching a police officer! He tells the story of a band that incited a riot and a time a hate mosher knocked out a girl’s teeth. Basically this was a behind the music style interview, so sit back, relax and enjoy this tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll!

The Musician – Joel Perez
The Host – Luis Menchaca
The Thespian – Tipsy Philip
The Apparatus – Christian Aparicio

All said I hope you guys have a good laugh and hope to see you guys again for the next show so we can hang out again.

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Hope you Enjoy!

[Today’s Episode was recorded on 03.27.16]

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