MWM Ep. 35 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Story


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Israel wants to know what the worst wedding gift to get a newlywed couple. Christian wants to know what our favorite video game soundtrack is and also wants to know what our reaction is to the upcoming pokemon generation. Luis tells the story of his crazy ex girlfriend that tried to seduce him into getting back together. Clemente laughs. Joel regretted being on the podcast

The Host – Luis Menchaca
The Musician – Joel
The Apparatus – Christian
The Champion – Clemente
The Hair – Israel

With Cameos by:
The Thespian – Tipsy (end of show)
The Radical Thinker – Eric (after credits)
The Scientist – David (after credits)
The Internet Sensation – Patty (after credits)
The Theist / Theologian – Edgar (after credits)
The Producer – Person J (after credits)

All said I hope you guys have a good laugh and hope to see you guys again for the next show so we can hang out again.

Hope you Enjoy!

[Today’s Episode was recorded on 05.16.16]

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