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Aran Goyoaga is a cookbook author, photographer and creator of Cannelle et Vanille.

Everything that Aran touches holds so much beauty – her photos, her food, her words. One of the things that makes Aran so special is her genuine care and honesty. She isn’t afraid to talk about the messy parts of being human, including as she says her “shadow side.” We go deep in our conversation and talk about everything from searching for and the claiming of identity, to feelings of not belonging, eating disorders, depression, the incredible power of gentleness, and learning to listen to intuition. You’ll also hear us talk about our shared Spanish roots and I loved hearing Aran speak about the ways her father and whole family have deeply influenced her.

I don’t have the adequate words to describe how much I enjoyed this conversation. Aran’s salient and empathetic advice, artistic sensibility, and stories are full of so much meaning, truth, and they sparked many moments of inspiration for me. I’m so grateful for this conversation and am elated to share it with you all.

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