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E. J. Koh is a poet, author and translator based in Seattle, WA. Her book of poetry is called A Lesser Love, and her memoir The Magical Language of Others is forthcoming this January.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with E.J. in her home recently, where we discussed everything from memoir writing, to inter-generational trauma, to her “Love Letter” project which is all about her mission to write a thousand letters to strangers by hand. She tells us what drove her to start the project and the common thread she’s noticed about the stories we tell ourselves.

E.J. also shared the old way she used to deal with rejection to her new approach of taking the rejection as a gentle nudge, a whisper saying “not right now.”

If you are a storyteller or want to be, I think this episode will be especially relevant but truly you can glean so much wisdom from E.J.’s words no matter who you are or what you’re up to!

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