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Under the name Quiet Creature, illustrator and fine artist Jane Beaird’s work has been featured by Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue and highlighted by national political organizations, celebrated actors, and prominent advocacy groups including Planned Parenthood and The Women's March. She made the cover art for this podcast, too! She also works in the Film and TV world as an actress and stand-in.

Jane is based in Brooklyn, NY but is currently quarantined in New Orleans. We talk about this unsettling time, and what it feels like to move through the world as a highly sensitive soul. She also shares about being a visual artist, a stand-in for Anne Hathaway, and what it’s like working on a film set as an empath.

One of the many things I loved about this episode is that we talked honestly about various shades of mental illness, and I so appreciate Jane being open about her own story with Persistent Depressive Disorder (also called Dysthymia).

You know when you meet a new friend and it just feels like this immediate kinship and soul connection? That is exactly what it was like when we met, and I know you are going to fall in love with Jane, too.

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