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Rachel Demy is a music photographer who honed her craft while on the road with various rock bands over 10+ years as a tour manager. She’s from Portland, OR and now based in Seattle.

Our wide-ranging conversation takes us everywhere from panic attacks, to the romance (and heartbreak) of friendships, to taking leaps of faith by following your instincts, to learning how to live in the grey.

This is one of my favorite conversations - on or off the podcast - ever. Maybe it’s because Rachel is so raw and vulnerable (which allowed me to be the same), maybe it’s because we cover topics that are heavy on my mind lately, or maybe it’s just because Rachel is so darn wonderful. I know you’re going to love her (and all the wisdom she shares), too!

Where to find Rachel:
Instagram: @racheldemy and @racheldemyfilm

This episode was audio produced by Aaron Morning. Theme music by Heather Maloney.

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