[MM]23. Jagdeesh Prakasam


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In this episode, we talk with Jag Prakasam, CEO of Rotella Capital Management. Jagdeesh Prakasam oversees all aspects of the firm, including its investment, FinTech solution offerings and operations. He joined RCM in 2003 as a Researcher primarily focused on supporting the research efforts in portfolio construction, risk management, and overlay strategies for the firm’s core trading strategies. Jagdeesh Prakasam was appointed as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Prior to that he was the Co-Chief Investment Officer alongside Jagdeesh Rotella since 2014. Jagdeesh Prakasam has been managing various portfolios ranging from intraday to intermediate-term holding periods across both futures and equities spaces.

We talk about Jag’s decades of experience in the markets. From doing his thesis in neural networks to being at the vanguard of trend following strategies. We talk about how machine learning has evolved and what are the pros and cons to implementation on vix strategies.

I hope you enjoy Jag’s insights as much as I did...

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