Ep. 131 : Jon Goldberg & Julio Friedmann, Founder & CEO and Chief Scientist at Carbon Direct


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Today's guests are Jon Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Carbon Direct and Julio Friedmann, Chief Scientist at Carbon Direct.

I learned a lot in the episode. Jon and Julio are the first pair to come onto the podcast and it led to a fascinating discussion. We dive into Carbon Direct, their place in the market, and how Carbon Direct is changing the game. We also discuss the areas Jon and Julio are most excited about as well as net zero commitments and the controversy of offsets.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • How Carbon Direct works & its position in the market
  • Net zero commitments comparison
  • Assessing a company’s carbon footprint
  • Jon & Julio’s stances on offsets
  • Biggest problems facing large companies
  • Companies’ motivations for working with Carbon Direct
  • Areas Jon & Julio are most excited about
  • Carbon Removal vs. Carbon Capture
  • Where we are now and where we need to go

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

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