Thanksgiving Special: Great Finds (Products, Apps, Media)


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On this special Thanksgiving episode, Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) share their favorite products they are using, apps they have downloaded, and media they are consuming.


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Show Notes & Links:

(5:05) - Zero

(7:30) - Five Minute Journal

(9:30) - The Science of Gratitude

(13:20) - Othership

(15:30) - fatFIRE Subreddit

(26:00) - Confessions of a Hectomillionaire

(27:35) -

(36:55) - Chris D'Elia YouTube

(41:35) - Rose Namajunas "I'm the Best"

(42:14) - Primitive Technology YouTube

(46:30) - How to be Great by Steph Smith

(47:15) - More Plates More Dates

(48:25) - Little Golden America PDF

(50:15) - Everyday Habit Tracker

(51:40) - Camo

(54:05) - How to Sell Anything by Tony Robbins

(56:00) - The Boron Letters by Gary Halpert

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