Ep. 33 | Ozlem Brooke Erol | How I Became a Corporate Drop-Out


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Ozlem Brooke Erol, born in Turkey and now a Southern Californian, passionately champions a more purposeful world. Ozlem worked at IBM for 11 years and held positions as VP of Sales and Marketing in several other companies. Ozlem left her native Istanbul at the age of 33 to come to the US with her family.

A happy corporate drop-out, Ozlem launched two businesses that support a greater sense of personal purpose and more humane places of work. Brooke is a contributing author to Doug Kirkpatrick’s book “From Hierarchy to High Performance” and the solo author of “Create a Life You Love: Reflections on Living Life to the Fullest.”

How do you know when it’s time to leave a prestigious job? How do we go about clarifying our inner purpose? What happens when a move to another country strips us everything we thought mattered?


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