Regulate Your Nervous System Using Breath Oriented Practices With Joseph Roberson


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“ The sluggishness disappears, I’m with it, I’m not lagging by myself. I think this is why resilience and increasing resilience is much more important than reducing stress. --- Joseph Roberson”

In today’s episode, our host AJ of @mysevenchakras and meditation Teacher and Author Joseph Roberson covered interesting topics such as the essence of meditation, personal growth and breathing to reduce stress and anxiety.

Joseph Roberson was a featured presenter at Cabo BreathFest in February 2020, The Breathing Festival in February 2021, Breath Hub's Global Breath Conference in May 2021, as well as at Floyd YogaJam in September 2021.

Roberson published his first book, One-Half Breath At A Time: Discover How To Turn Stress & Anxiety Into Calm Ease, Productive Power, And Joy With Breath-Centered Practices, in 2018. He is currently completing his third book, Breathing Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom: Polyvagal-informed, Breath-centered Practices.

To learn more about Joseph visit

Key Points Discussed

  • I was born and raised in North Carolina in a small village called Wentworth. I grew up here and left to go to art school. Spent the majority of my life in and around Baltimore and now back here in North Carolina where I grew up. (4:09)

  • The art started in the 8th grade and the writing started in the 9th grade. The rest is history. (5:17)

  • I went to Pune to study at the Iyengar Institute. The Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune. I knew I did not like the Iyengar Yoga Institute, it didn't work for me, I was quite unhappy. (11:29)

  • In my own experience, Yoga Pranayama and Buddhist Vipassanā I don't want to say they suppress emotion but they bypass it. The emotional life is inferior. I was very adept at suppressing my own feelings. (19:54)

  • The Osho ashram meditations, I called them heart oriented because they really target breaking through, breaking down the armoring (21:02)

  • The only real way to escape suffering stress, anxiety is to stop trying to escape. (29:07)

  • Stress is invaluable. It's one reason why I work on a treadmill, I don't feel completely awake until my heart rate goes above a hundred and twenty. (32:20)

  • Increasing resilience is much more important than reducing stress. (32:45)

  • if your right nostril is dominant for a certain amount of time, they said you don't have long to live. (44:00)

  • The sympathetic nervous system is really designed for periodic short bursts. When you need that fight-or-flight response it will save your life but if it becomes chronic then you'll spend your days in chronic stress date, it can destroy your health (44:23)

  • The only way to save the planet, to have a future that we want to have is what’s in here has to change and to me, that is the real need, that’s the real imperative. (48:01)

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