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Do you want to learn how to shift your identity and activate your essence through the alchemy of voice dialogue and yogic breathwork?..

Then you must check out our next transformational workshop!

In this episode, Aditya (AJ) and Bridgit Dengel Gaspard chat about their upcoming 4-hour transformational online workshop on June 20th ( 1 pm PT / 4 pm EST)...

Save your early bird spot here:

(Early bird: $35, Later on: $50)

In this hands-on masterclass you will:

- Experience a 75-min guided Breathwork awakening with AJ, leading to deep relaxation, stillness and bliss...

- Engage in a dialogue directly with various parts of your psyche. Discover which Inner Selves you are identified with. Gain awareness of these parts and how they influence your life. Really interesting stuff!

- Learn how to use this Jungian based technique to explore your alter egos and realize your true divine potential!..

- Discover the influence of previously hidden and disowned Inner Selves. This transformational work releases energy that is now consciously available, leading to greater clarity, control and confidence!...

- Find out about a science-backed, ancient Yogic practice to clear negative imprints and re-wire your brain for gratitude, happiness and abundance...

- Experience a full length 3-part Breathwork journey with uplifting brainwave music to let go of years of negative conditioning and experience a deep sense of connection with everything and everyone around you...

Listen to this episode to get to know more details :)

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