Tantric Dating, The Osho Ashram In India, And The Importance Of Self Love With Catherine Auman


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“You are perfect. The world is perfect. This moment is perfect. Your beloved is perfect. It's very hard for us to see this because our mind is always telling us it's not perfect. So, I don't want to date this person cause they have a big nose or I don't like their shoes or, you know, all this kind of thing.--- Catherine Auman”

In this episode, AJ of @mysevenchakras and @Catherineauman, a licensed Psychotherapist, explore a variety of interesting topics including Tantric Dating, The Osho Ashram in India, and The importance of self-love...

Catherine Auman LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is the author of "Tantric Dating: Bringing Love and Awareness to the Dating Process," and she is a spiritual psychotherapist with advanced training in traditional psychology as well as the wisdom traditions. Catherine lived for a year at the Osho ashram in India - a full-time immersion in tantra and meditation - and she has studied and practiced tantra, love, sex, intimacy, and seduction with numerous teachers. Catherine is the author of "Tantric Dating: Bringing Love and Awareness to the Dating Process.

To learn more about Catherine Auman visit https://catherineauman.com/

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