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Jim Rembach is a Customer Experience Authority and President of Influence to Action, which operates several entities, including CX Global Media, Call Center Coach Virtual Leadership Academy, Contact Center Virtual Summit, and Customer Service Weekly. He’s the host of the Fast Leader Show, B2B Digital Marketer, and Customer Service Weekly podcasts.

Jim is a Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, Community Specialist, Employee Retention Specialist, and Digital Marketer. His work as a digital business development expert enables organizations to deliver on the needs of the new digital business development imperative.

“Do it again even after losing because there are opportunities existing out there, and you’ve got to make those moves.”

Jim Rembach

Worst investment ever

Time for some risk

Jim had some money that he was willing to risk in a new investment, so he started looking around for risk opportunities.

Finding the right fit

Jim picked about five different companies to look at. He did his research and ensured that he had marked off all the checkboxes. Then he decided on a female apparel company that seemed promising. Even though the company had some short term debt issues, it got refinanced for favorable rates.

Staying down under

Jim had hoped that the company would pick up, and the stock starts performing well. However, they went down further.

Jim stayed hopeful. He did more research, and all indications showed that the company would pick up. Jim decided to double his investment in the company.

The unavoidable loss

Roughly four or five months after he doubled down, the company declared bankruptcy, and just like that, Jim lost his entire investment.

Lessons learned

Keep taking risks

Continue taking risks even when you lose. Don’t have your emotions tied so profoundly in the loss and make it stop you from trying again.

Do your due diligence

Do your due diligence and research, look at fundamental elements before you make a move.

Andrew’s takeaways

Play with money that you can lose

Invest money that you can afford to lose to avoid losing all your wealth.

Be aware of event risk

Event risk happens very suddenly. It could be bankruptcy, a corporate governance event where the owner did something benefiting themselves and harming others. With event risk, when it is announced, either trading stops immediately, or the stock price falls 30%, and you can’t execute that stop loss.

Apply rules of risk management

Risk assessment is critical when getting into investment. Size your position and go into a position slowly.

Actionable advice

Have an active pool of funds that you’re looking at doing some speculating with. Also, learn how to become better at your research from a human perspective.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Jim’s number one goal for the next 12 months is to look at the permanent shifts that people think are temporary and make some investments because he believes wealth is made in downturns, not upswings.

Parting words

“Move forward. Even if you end up taking two steps back from one step forward, it’s just temporary.”

Jim Rembach


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