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Marcia Daszko is one of the world’s leading business strategists and catalysts for leadership and organizational transformation. She believes and teaches innovation in leadership thinking. She has 25 years of proven success as a Founder and CEO of a consulting firm, Marcia Daszko & Associates, and is an executive team workshop facilitator.

She is also a researcher and graduate-level teacher, a keynote speaker, an award-winning writer and communicator, and an executive advisor to Fortune 500 corporations, private companies, government agencies; educational institutions; and global non-profit organizations. She is most recently the author of Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive.

“Break down the barriers, silos, and hierarchies. Get out of the traditional mindsets that you have created, and instead ask yourself if you’re getting the results that you want.”

Marcia Daszko

Worst investment ever

Marcia was a stickler to societal norms. She went to school, got good grades, made it to the dean’s list, and went on to get a good job.

Never questioning the system

Throughout her career, Marcia’s goal was to do the right thing and be the best employee possible. She concentrated on performing well in her performance appraisals, so she followed the rules. She was ok with the way her life was going and never questioned the system.

Forming her way of thinking

One day, Marcia’s boss sent her to attend Dr. Edward Deming’s four-day seminar in San Diego. She got to interact with Dr. Deming even after the workshop. Dr. Deming became Marcia’s mentor and taught her his concepts.

Over time, Marcia started questioning the status quo and what society had taught her was the way to build her life and be successful. She started questioning things and thinking more about what success truly meant to her.

Lessons learned

It’s not all about good grades and being the best employee

Let go of things like grades and performance appraisals. But more importantly, think about what you are trying to accomplish before you let all of those things get in your way.

Andrew’s takeaways

Be wary of internal competition

Internal competition is one of the things that we think is good but takes away the joy of learning. This kills the massive potential we have because you just concentrate on hitting targets and numbers, not on self-improvement.

Be an independent thinker

True independence is the independence of thinking. It doesn’t mean you have to oppose every idea, just form your independent way of thinking. Allow yourself to think and question things.

Actionable advice

It’s essential to question. But use strategic thinking and questioning. Don’t just go out and question everything for the heck of it; understand where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

Parting words

“Reach out, ask questions.”

Marcia Daszko


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