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After 10 years in investment banking, Scott Eddy moved overseas and lived in Europe and Asia for 17 years. While living in Bangkok, he started the first digital agency in Southeast Asia, and it remained the biggest in the region for five years.

After selling the agency and spending some time in Europe while building his personal brand, he now travels full-time while building social media strategies, speaking at conferences, creating video marketing packages, and consulting for the world of luxury travel. He is also the TV host for the new travel series on Lifetime Television called Video Globetrotter.

“The one skill that you need no matter what industry you’re in is sales.”

Scott Eddy

Worst investment ever

Scott comes from a police background. His father was a Fort Lauderdale cop. Just like everybody on his dad’s side, Scott’s plan in life was to graduate high school, join the police academy, become a cop, get married, have kids, retire, and die.

Getting ready to be a cop

Scott spent every day after school in the police department, where he learned everything about being a cop. He watched an autopsy when he was 13, saw interrogations, and went on ride alongs. That was Scott’s whole life.

The dream turns to dust

Three weeks before Scott graduated high school, and just a few months before he joined the police, his father was killed in a plane crash in the line of duty. This turned Scott’s whole world upside down and killed his dream to become a police officer.

Lessons learned

Face tragedy head-on

When tragedy strikes, you could stick your head in the sand, pity yourself, allow yourself to get crushed every time you think about it, and prevent you from moving forward. Or you could stare it in the face and move on with your life.

Choose your friends wisely

Continually reevaluate and look at who you surround yourself with. If it’s the wrong people block them, unfollow them and just immediately cut them out of your life. Always have people that uplift you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.

Manage your time well

Time management is your best friend or your worst enemy. You have to be religiously strict with your time.

Andrew’s takeaways

Put your life into perspective

One of the tools to put your life into perspective is to look at it from the outside in. Talk to people and get other views. Use this tool to move through tragedy.

Tragedies are not always mistakes

Sometimes a tragedy can be a mistake; sometimes, it’s just a simple tragedy. How we handle the bad things that come into our life is what matters. Take tragedies head-on and allow yourself to grow from that experience.

Actionable advice

Before you make any big decision, take a step back, take an extra day, and look at it from the outside looking in. If you have people you trust in your inner circle, ask for their opinion. By looking at things from the outside in, you’re always going to have a clearer mind.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Scott’s goal is to make his personal brand continue to grow.

Parting words

“Stay positive, go big, or go home.”

Scott Eddy


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