E52. "I divorced my wife before I came" Sabrina Johnson, Courtney Jines, Scott Moore


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Welcome to Mystery in the Radio Waves. I’m your host Elizabeth McIrvin. Mystery in the Radio Waves is a podcast where a cast of actors and comedians perform a classic radio play and then improvise jokes, characters, and stories. What the heck are radio plays and where do they come from? Well...The Golden Age of Radio was an era of radio in the U.S. in the 1920's to the 1960's where the main source of entertainment was radio programming before people owned televisions on a larger scale. The programs would have the same range as tv shows today. There were weekly medical dramas, romances, mysteries, true crime, etc. It's such an interesting part of entertainment history that we hope to revive a little on this podcast. Just the great storytelling, not the racist/sexist crap. We have an awesome episode for you guys! We perform a SCI-FI radio play and then improvise a Harold inspired by the play. Please rate and subscribe! It really helps us out! You can email us at mysteryintheradiowaves@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments or just want to say hi. We’ll definitely read it on the podcast if you reach out! Thank you so much for the support and listening. ENJOY! CAST Darren Davidson Sabrina Johnson Daniel Kuhne Scott Moore Dorshae Middleton Elizabeth McIrvin Series: X Minus One Show: Junkyard Date: Feb 02 1956 [The Original Radio Play] https://www.genericradio.com/show/68d2944f30bd9cce https://youtu.be/bP318CuAKY4 Host Insta: @elizabethmcirvin Podcast Insta: @mysteryintheradiowaves Email: mysteryintheradiowaves@gmail.com

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