Middle East Peace, Seth Rogen, Israel-Palestine & Progressive Zionism Part 2


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In this week’s show we present part 2 of our interview with Moshe Chertoff, originally from los Angeles, California who today is a social and political activist and came to live on a kibbutz (or communal farm) in the Western Galilee near Lebanon in 1974. He recently retired, Moshe has had many professions including portrait photographer, farmer, an 18-wheeler operator, an advisor to a Muslim Member of Knesset, and most recently a Senior Technical Communicator in the medical device industry. He is married with 5 kids + a young woman he and his wife adopted last year. He is joining us from Kibbutz Shomrat Western Galilee in the State of Israel. We discuss "Zionism" a dirty word among American progressives. However, according to Moshe, Bernie Sander's greatest supporter in Israel, there are many kinds of Zionisms and you can be progressive, pro-peace and a Zionist.

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