Turning Depression Into Happiness |LM'T 23| Shaya Sussman, LCSW


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In this class we learn how to turn the worst things in our lives into happiness and a source of joy. Whether you’re struggling emotionally with anxiety, depression, worry, sadness, addiction or just feeling lost. YOU CAN HEAL! Rebbe Nachman teaches it’s possible to use your pain as a springboard for emotional contentment and happiness. Sources: Lekutey Maharan Tinyana Lesson #23 Lekutey Halachos. Hilchos Pirya V’Rivya #3:1 - 3:13 Shiurim on Neludos Tovos https://soundcloud.com/shaya-sussman/breslov-11-lekutey-maharan ___ *If you're interested in other class on Rebbe Nachman click here: https://soundcloud.com/shaya-sussman *Click here for my YouTube Channel: Shaya Sussman Counseling https://youtu.be/98WgXjfmukA *Click here for Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaya_sussman_lcsw/ ___ https://shayasussman.com Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Masters in Education with a special focus on Leadership (MA) Certified Addictions and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC-T) Rabbinical Ordination (Smicha) #Breslov #Depression #Healing

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