126: Narrator Jefferson Mays


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Tony Award winning actor Jefferson Mays joined me to discuss his experiences as an audiobook narrator and 10 years of narrating for The Expanse series including Leviathan Falls, the upcoming final novel of the series. We also discuss how he prepares for a narration, his approach to creating character voices, and why he occasionally pages Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

Jefferson Mays [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [Overdrive/Libby] / [IMDb] / [IBDB]

Leviathan Falls (Available: 30 Nov 21) [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [Overdrive/Libby] / [Episode 128 (Review episode: 30 Nov 21)]

The Churn (Narrated by: Jefferson Mays - Available: 28 Dec 21) [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [Overdrive/Libby]

Gods of Risk (Narrated by: Jefferson Mays - Available: 28 Dec 21) [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [Overdrive/Libby]

Memory’s Legion (Available: 15 Mar 22) [Audible] / [Libro.fm] / [Overdrive/Libby]

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