Episode 144: A Deep Dive Into ED's Guidance for Using Emergency Grant Funding


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In a special episode of "Off The Cuff," Justin and Megan are joined by other members of NASFAA's policy team — Director of Policy Analysis Karen McCarthy and Policy Analyst Jill Desjean — to answer some of the most pressing questions that have sprouted from the Department of Education's (ED) most recent announcement regarding the distribution of emergency grant funding for student aid. The team covers a wide range of topics, such as which students would be eligible to receive the aid (DACA students, non-Title IV recipients, graduate students, or international students, for example) and what would be considered an eligible use of the funds. Other issues covered in this episode include the process for submitting the certification form for grant funding — including which campus departments need to be involved — how institutions should report on the use of funds, and other outstanding issues. Stay tuned for more episodes of "Off The Cuff," and as always, send us your comments, questions, and suggestions.

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