Episode 152: ED Weighs in on CARES Act Lawsuit, Senators Urge FAFSA Flexibility


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This week on "Off The Cuff," the team revisits the latest updates from the Department of Education (ED) regarding the enforcement of guidance restricting emergency CARES Act grants to students who are Title IV-eligible, and fields questions from two members related to the CARES Act. Megan then dives into the latest news in a lawsuit against ED over the Title IV eligibility guidance, and the argument from ED attorneys that the guidance was just preliminary. Justin summarizes a letter from a bipartisan group of senators asking ED to take additional steps to ensure recent changes in a student’s financial circumstances in the wake of COVID-19 are taken into account in the FAFSA application process, which leads to Jill's examination of whether a now-archived Dear Colleague Letter is still applicable. Finally, the team discusses the chances of a veto on Congress's measure to block implementation of the 2019 borrower defense regulations, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) proactively scheduled a vote to override an anticipated veto. Plus, we're still taking your questions! If you'd like to "call in" to the podcast, please leave your name, institution, and question in a voicemail at 202-785-6954.

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