McDavid practicing in Arizona, the Heritage Classic, and


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A brand new week means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast! This week, the guys covered Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews training together in Arizona, how to properly winterize your house, the NationGear Blackout launch, and a whole lot more. To kick off today’s podcast, the guys got started with a discussion about Wanye's extended hold time that caused him to miss the beginning of the podcast, and how it doesn't make sense to be in 2020 without having callback features. With that out of the way, the podcast turned to the news that broke this morning about Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews practicing together in Arizona. Naturally, Leafs fans used this as an excuse to say that McDavid will be going back to Toronto because these two guys having a budding friendship, so the guys spent a few minutes talking about how absurd the reactions have been on Twitter. Sticking with sports, the guys then broke down the NFL weekend and how everyone did in the world of betting. Changing gears entirely, Chalmers answered some listener questions about winterizing one's house to make sure that we all make it through the tundra season without issues. If you're curious how much hot your house is losing, you can head to to get a visual look at what Chalmers was talking about. Lastly, the boys wrapped up the podcast by re-visiting the Heritage Classic between the Oilers and Canadiens that took place at Commonwealth Stadium on November 22nd, 2003, which prompted a walk down memory lane.

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