Reverse Retro Jerseys and the King of Cheer: Cameron Hughes


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Even though it’s tough to head back to work after a weekend spent relaxing, the good news is that Monday also means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to get your week started on the right foot. This week, the guys were very happy to welcome professional fan, Cameron Hughes, to the podcast to talk about his amazing career, life on the road, and his new book, 'King of Cheer.' To kick off today's podcast, the guys got started with a look at the Masters and how Dustin Johnson won the tournament in a historic fashion. That win spawned a conversation about which famous Thanksgiving gathering we'd like to be invited to. Would it be hanging out with Dustin Johnston and Wayne Gretzky? The Sutter brothers? Someone else? From there, the guys looked at the NHL's reverse retro jerseys that came out this morning and broke down the best and worst of the bunch. Surprisingly, this conversation spawned quite the argument as the boys couldn't decide which teams came through and which ones failed miserably. Changing gears, the guys were thrilled to welcome Cameron Hughes to the podcast to discuss his amazing career path and his new book, 'King of Cheer.' Who is Cameron Hughes? We guarantee you've seen him at Rogers Place getting the fired up with his signature moves! From moving around the NHL to being hired by other leagues, Cameron Hughes has turned his passion for sports into an unlikely career and hearing him speak about why loves doing what he does was incredible and a conversation that you'll definitely want to hear.

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