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NAVASA is a Psytronica duo featuring Tammy Sue Everett and Gregory T. Biribauer, formed in 2014. Tammy grew up in the heart of Pennsylvania and Greg is originally from Toronto, Canada. The pair met in Denver, CO, but are now based out of the Delmarva Peninsula on the US Eastern Shore. “We attempt to make music that can let a listener travel without moving,” says Everett. Both members contribute to the creative process, with Tammy handling vocals, drums, percussion and keyboards while Greg focuses on guitars, synthesizers, programming and mixing. Influences range from Massive Attack to How to Destroy Angels. The pair’s first available outputs were two 5-track EPs entitled Sensurreal and On And On, released through the now defunct Ralenteer Records NYC. Lauded for their meticulous use of space and structure, NAVASA gained a foothold in the underground downtempo/ambient scene that was emerging around the world. At the beginning, NAVASA was mainly an instrumental project, but as time went on, they started to explore other musical forms and incorporating more of Everett’s vocals. 2015 saw the duo release two vocalized singles, “Escape From You” and “Lazy Dayz” through Tiefhaus/Nikita Digital based out of San Francisco and Berlin. These tracks incorporated experimental pop and rock sensibilities rarely heard in electronica. Later that year the duo released the full album Dustification through Nodeski/Datablender, based out of the UK. A number of these tracks were included on a series of compilations. In 2017, NAVASA formed their own label Abraca Pocus, releasing the album 1963, showing an even broader range of influences that spanned altrock and jazz to long-form space-rock alongside their ambient and experimental roots. In 2020, the electronica duo released Redusted, an album that sees them broadening their scope even further, incorporating deeper soundscapes, heavy altrock and deep lyrical messages.

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