S2 E14 - Crisis of identity in GP; implantable arrythmia monitors for AF; wearable glucose monitors for diabetes


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In this episode of the Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker considers if there is a crisis of identity in GP and how the ever-increasing workload has changed the traditional role of a GP. Is there a solution? Possibly, but not everyone will agree.
In new research, we focus on new technology. Are implantable rhythm monitors helpful after stroke? Do wearable glucose monitors improve diabetes care? Is more data always better?
BJGP Editorial from Euan Lawson
BJGP Editorial from Clare Gerada
BJGP Editorial on crisis of identity in GP
NICE Diagnostic Guideline Implantable Arrythmia Monitors
JAMA Implantable arrythmia monitors after stroke
JAMA continuous glucose monitoring in T2DM
Lancet continuous glucose monitoring in T1DM

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