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Lakers fans must be SWEATING now huh? Anthony Davis stepped back onto the scorer's table today is hurt again... If AD's hurt again, what does this mean for the Lakers chances of avoiding the play-in tournament? HOW MASSIVE IS THAT BLAZERS GAME TOMORROW NOW!?!? Also, Rusty Westbrook is awesome, we should appreciate him more... and a MEGA Weekend preview! There were also a RASH of CRACKING NBA games today, so that means a CHOCKERS NBA Straya GAME WRAPS ... like, what is going in Indy!? and damnnnn Washington!!!!! -- plus, as usual there's THAT'S NOT A KNIFE, Spud of the Night, Old Mate No Mates, Pantsing of the Evening and BETTER THAN LONZO BALL!!! Also, it's FRIDAY so that means D**KHEAD OF THE WEEK! There's also YEAH NAHs -- Will the Lakers survive without AD & LeBron??? Do Kyrie & KD not make their team-mates better!??! -- an Unpopular Opinion of the Day & OUTBACK TAKEHOUSE, where we're serving up a flame grilled take... there's also a LUC LONGLEY MEMORIAL BLOKE WHO JUST DOES THIER BLOODY JOB AWARD ... and a BONUS ANDREW GAZE GREY MAMBA AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN THE FIELD OF EXCELLENCE! !! AND, as always, there's a pick & preview for the all the games over the WEEKEND!!! We're doing alllright on the picks for the year... SO go check out some odds at Play Up using THIS LINK! There's also a classic COOKING WITH BAYNESY to close out! Righto! SMASH US ON -- AND on -- ... and if you wanna buy a NBA Straya t-shirt or hoody - SMASH THIS NEW MERCH LINK!!!! the NICKNAME Tees are still on sale now too!!!! ALSO! we launched our raffle with WE ARE... so go give it a peep! We've got some great prizes up for grabs & tix are cheap as chips ... so smash it & buy heaps of em!!! Also: support our advertisers: Use the code STRAYA at for a free 6-pack! Get smart & get 20% off at KNOWABLE with the code STRAYA Love ya guts ledges!! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ€πŸ’ͺ

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