The Rock & Roll Shrink Radio Show Ep. 109 - Prolonged Grief Disorder (Sorrow)


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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a posting on Grief in social media, and there was quite an uproar in the comment below it. Someone had posted links indicating that “grief was in the DSM V as a pathology.” As with many mental health issues and conditions, there are often misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and/or stigma, behind the actual pathology. Our goal tonight is to chase down this assertion, and find out the facts about the matter, and bring those facts to our listeners. Tonight, we will discuss: • The basic function or purpose of both the DSM V and ICD 11 diagnostic reference books. • The history, purpose, and facts, of how Grief became listed as a pathology. • Reviewing criteria so that our listeners can know when Grieving has become a mental health issue that wants professional help. We'll start off the evening with some topic-relevant Classic Rock played by Dr. Mathis, followed by Classic Rock trivia in "The Rock & Roll Shrink Recalls," followed by our topic discussion.

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