The Rock & Roll Shrink Radio Show Ep. 117 - Life in the Fast Lane Rock Lifestyle


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Tonight’s show is a response to an opinion piece, “Romanticizing the Drug Musician Mythos,” from Oct 2008 on Written by John Bohlinge, a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist best known for leading the band on NBC's Nashville Star, serving as music director for the CMT Awards and specials on PBS and GAC, and of course for his appearances in PG Rig Rundown, Review Demo, Axes & Artifacts, and What Bohlinger Plays videos. With all due respect to Ian Dury & The Blockheads (who did hit song, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll,) we are actually here to support this article’s assertions, and discuss why it is not such a cool thing to over-romanticize the constant-partying, Live Fast Die Young and Leave A Good-Looking Corpse rock & roll stereotyped lifestyle of musicians. This topic is closely related to our very first show, “Musicians and Suicide,” way back in July 2016. Tonight, we will discuss: 1. The original article, “Romanticizing the Drug Musician Mythos” 2. The history of musicians and the hard-partying stereotype. 3. Why this is a toxic trope and should be abandoned We'll start off the evening with some topic-relevant Classic Rock played by Dr. Mathis, followed by Classic Rock trivia in "The Rock & Roll Shrink Recalls," followed by our topic discussion. Please follow our bi-weekly, Wednesday evening shows, at 11 pm ET. We will have a new topic for you in two weeks!

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