The Rock & Roll Shrink Radio Show Ep.110 We're Not Gonna Take It-Your Own Truth


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Tonight’s show title may be a little vague – I was attempting to incorporate a relevant rock song title, but it seems to be a bit brief to properly cover tonight’s topic. We want to talk about being true to yourself, as well as looking at how to know when you are on the right path, versus self-delusion. This is not really a pathology (unless of course you ARE delusional in some way,) but it can be a mental health issue for many people, especially if what seems to be truly in your heart and spirit is contradicted or not accepted by your community, peers, or society in general. We have done a couple of shows in the past that may also be helpful listening to those who are considering this topic. They are: • Ep. 5 - Critical Thinking Skills 9-21-16 • Ep. 34 - Take the Power Back 11-15-17, postponed to 11-29-17 (Not letting others run you) Tonight, we will discuss: • How people determine their sense of personal identity. • Why others sometimes find one’s identity to be a threat. • How to know if your sense of identity is false, toxic, delusional, or otherwise unhealthy. • How to develop a strong sense of self-identity in the face of criticism or pressure to change. We'll start off the evening with some topic-relevant Classic Rock played by Dr. Mathis, followed by Classic Rock trivia in "The Rock & Roll Shrink Recalls," followed by our topic discussion.

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