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Nothing pleases adventure-travel writer Linda Ballou more than seeing gorgeous country from the back of a good horse. Her articles have appeared in Equus, Horse Illustrated, California Riding Magazine, and numerous travel publications. Lost Angel Walkabout is a collection of travel essays about her most meaningful adventures. Her New-Adult novel The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon travels from the Grand Prix jumping circuit to the High Sierras. Embrace of the Wild, her latest, was inspired by the life of equestrian explorer Isabella Bird, and covers territory that ranges from the life-affirming Hawaiian Islands and to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. How does a travel journalist translate her talents into the book-length form? Find out Thursday, July 22, when Linda joins TRAVEL ITCH RADIO for a half-hour discussion with Dan Schlossberg and Maryellen Nugent Lee. Listen live at 8p ET on iTunes or or check out the archived show anytime on Facebook. Linda resides in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California. She loves exploring the California coast and shares her favorite day trips in her guidebook Lost Angel in Paradise.

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