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Joe Paranteau has sold over a billion dollars in revenue. He’s been a Sales Director at Microsoft for over 17 years. He’s a dynamic speaker, visionary, and deep thinker. He is also the author of Billion Dollar Sales Secrets: Superstar Selling Tips for all Seasons, which he wrote to fill the gaps he saw in sales training. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we share the common areas where people blow their negotiations, the #1 thing that’s wrong with salespeople today, and some of Joe’s sales secrets to help you reach success on either side of the table.

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:04] Where people “blow it” in the sales cycle
  • [6:11] Genuine curiosity lessens sales commission breath
  • [9:00] The six different people in a negotiation
  • [12:32] The magic of changing your physical positioning
  • [20:21] Learning to talk positively about yourself to yourself
  • [23:13] How to stay hungry for success after achieving your goals
  • [25:41] Recognizing non-assertion signs to respond accordingly
  • [31:32] Sell through the close to the win for the customer
  • [35:34] How to connect with Joe online

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