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CJ and Vaya try to unpack the recent reports of racism and offensive behaviour on the Neighbours set. Read actor Shareena Clanton's posts about her experience working on the production this year - along with Meyne Wyatt's post in support, and Fremantle's first and second responses.
We also discuss the arrival of Shareena's character, her frisson with Ned, and of course, Bea's podcast.

CONTENT NOTE: This episode brings up issues of systemic racism and workplace bullying. If this is confronting, please pause the podcast. Support if you need it:
Lifeline: 13 11 14
First Nations Support: 1800 959 500

STORYLINE EMBARGO: We will not be discussing the Neighbours storyline in which, yet again, a female character lies about her assault. This is a dangerous narrative and we've had enough.

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