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PC brings together a segment from Whitney Webb as she reports on the "green finance" plan of the bankster criminals. It is simply to monetize the natural resources of the planet to their benefit, not WE THE PEOPLE. This is another form of Crimes Against Humanity!!! The criminals should be arrested immediately!!!
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Dec 30 2020 Live Exercise
Jun 2 Live Exercise
Sept 11 Rumsfeld $2.3T missing
Oct 2 Election Fraud
Oct 6 KGB Agent
Nov 5 Pandora Papers
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9/11 was a day that global*cabal*conspired to take our freedoms!!!
Celebrate the lives of any lost that day!!! Keep good thoughts about them!!!
This planes are part of a pysop (psychological operation) that was pulled by the criminals who have been trying to take down US for decades. The criminal*coup*cabal consists of military, finance, politicians, fake media, and other criminals in line with UNagenda2030 plus other multi layered cabal plans that they are conspiring on.
Rumsfeld admitted $2.3 Trillion missing from Pentagon.

Planes did NOT bring down the two towers.
The criminal*cabal uses Mass Hypnosis & Trauma Based Mind Control to keep people from doing anything REAL against the criminal*coup*cabal
George Bush Sr was CIA director before being Vice President then President. George Bush Jr did not know b/c he is stupid and the criminals in control wanted to have him respond genuinely. MANY are a part of this crime against US.
Towers that fell:
-Building 1
-Building 2
-Building 7 (seldom reported even though BBC reporter reported building down before it happened)
STOP watching paid actors & STOP listening to useful idiots about what to do during this criminal*coup aga

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