Episode 172: Wrestling with Covid-19


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Well, with the world shut in and working from home (if you have to still go out to go to work, we salute you), maybe people will have more time to listen to podcasts. If so you’re in luck, because we have a MASSIVE episode of Nerds Without Pants lined up for you, including the triumphant return of Video Game Cage Match! 00:00-08:33 Intro 08:54-2:06:40 STAGE SELECT: We make the next WWE video game (sort of) 2:06:47-3:12:24 CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Max Gentleman: Sexy Business (yes, you read that right), Yes, Your Grace, Nioh 2, Rune Factory 4, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Diablo 3 season 20, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Doom 64 HD, Doom: Eternal 3:13:03-3:38:13 VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Doom: Eternal vs Animal Crossing: New Horizons 3:38:40-3:43:10 Outro and outtakes NEXT EPISODE STAGE SELECT: What are 3 games you love, but have never played? VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Centipede vs Galaga SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS BY 8:30 CENTRAL ON APRIL 3 TO BE ON THE SHOW! Our theme song, “Relax”, and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” written, composed, and performed by Megan McDuffee.

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