Geek Out 2020


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Happy New Year! To ring in the New Year, Carl and Richard talk Geek Out for a couple of hours! Topics include the Pandemic, Renewable Energy, the latest in Space and Electric Cars. Yeah, that's right, all the hits in one show! Richard talks about how our understanding of COVID-19 has evolved, and the impact of genetic technology and new vaccine concepts are advancing our response. On the power side, the growth in wind and solar, the state of fusion power, and a look at modular nuclear reactors. And then SPACE - it's been a good year for SpaceX, flying astronauts to the space station, launching lots of Starlink satellites, and the development of Starship. But also China on the Moon, Japan on an Asteroid, and Perseverance on the way to Mars! Finally, a dig into the state of electric cars - they're coming of age and here to stay. Yeah, it's a long one, but a great listen while you recover from New Years... here's to a great 2021!

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