Episode 365: The Meaning Of Deep Connection with Laura Baum


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About Laura:


We help business owners that use content marketing and digital marketing in their businesses apply a customized strategy with authenticity, relationship, leadership, joy, and connection without burning out, getting confused, or feeling misaligned.

In a world getting faster and faster with new social media updates almost every day it's easy to lose sight of the basic fundamentals of business and that is the relationships we make and the services that we offer.

Showing up to the market in new ways can feel uncomfortable but we at Laura’s Botanicals hold space for business owners to manage these struggles and to also learn and apply new things with support and expert guidance.

We believe in you not only knowing marketing but loving it too, seeing it as an extension of your service and company values.

Connect with her here: https://www.laurasbotanicals.com/

Join my LinkedIn Training Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/284573162152150

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