One Cheeseburger Per Bottle (Fruit Ciders Special)


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Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they get very merry with berries in the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Firstly, the first draft is almost right closely nearly coming to be given in on Gabe’s new book; Modern British Cider! We’re wondering if gabe went over the wordcount! Martyn’s new blend with regulars on the show Little Pomona, Glad to be Plaid is out in the world, with MAD CYDER HYPE! And finally Grant keeps the guys all regular with the news of the Museum of Cider reopening again, before the guys split to the news.

This week’s news is filled with more piss and vinegar than the usual fair, featuring cures for the hichoueps, correct use for foxwhelp single varieties and the aromas of Scottish Scalps. Then the guys get ready for some unadulterated fruit ciders!

This week things are slightly different, as the guys delve deep into the dark world of Fruit Ciders! Drinks with a huge sway in the cider market and mostly loathed by dentists, this was a category that the guys couldn’t ignore any longer! And it's a go big or go home situation, as the guys try three of the biggest in the UK market, with Strongbow Dark Fruit, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime, and Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime. Get ready for some wild reactions from the hypercritical triumvirate, high blood sugar, insane analysis and some Jackass Lite stunts!

Then onto the other end of the flavoured cider market, with Martyn’s blend In Touch 2 with Pilton. The fruit on show is Bacchus grape skins, brought together with keeved ciders and Dabinett, so the fruit is brought to life by the cider, but don't take my word for it, I just write the show notes and blend the stuff!

Then it's onto the game, which Martyn has brought to the bunch with some wild rules! Drink along with your guesses, and slide into our DMS with the results! I’ll buy anyone a drink who gets the whole lot! - Gabe

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