Really Need to Salvage My Curls (Alice Churchward from The Real Al Company, Thornborough's Yorkshire Cider Tasting)


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Join hosts Grant Hutchison, Martyn Goodwin-Sharman and the Moustachioed Cider Sponge as they open the doors for the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Gabe gets a rename courtesy of Steilehead Cider before Martyn tells a family story and Bobby Jay announces a keyboard fix. The lads then delve into Nightingale Cider’s ‘Cider? Yes!’ campaign, with an apparent nod to the hotel!

In the news, the pubs opened up, slightly, a bit? Then Speakpipe questions in the news? Yes! Including Fourpure rebranding naysayer Stewart, sticker lover Mike and man on the motorway Cider George, with a surprise sentient guest...

This week’s guest is Alice Churchward, a champion of ciders across all styles, and runner of London Cider hotspot Trap! The guys struggle through cans of Black Ace and chat about absolutely everything, from kidnapping strippers, to her own brand cider Crafty Apple, cider makers on chaises lounges, branding and about everything in between. Featuring what might be Gabe’s first swear word, this interview was an absolute joy and each of the guys cried at least once with laughter!

Then it’s onto Thornborough’s Yorkshire Cider. After winning Sandford Orchard’s Breakthrough Cider Maker Award, it’s a bottle the lads loved dissecting!

Thank you for joining us at the show, and leave us a message at our Speakpipe and join us on our socials below. We’re going to find out who the sentient voice belongs to!

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