My Sister Works At Wickes (Ryan Sealy from Calendonian Cider Company, Pilton Cider Tasting)


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Join hosts, Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they make room for all the pressing issues in the world of cider!
Quote of the episode: “We’re a serious podcast as well as a stupid one.” - Grant Hutchison
The boys ramble through book plugs, holiday drinks in the Cornish sun and Scotland’s social problems, with a surprise appearance from everyone’s favourite murderous movie villain, Buffalo Bill.
In the news, Gabe kicks things off with The International Cider Challenge, and the boys give a peek behind the curtain for what it's like to judge at a cider contest. Finally, Grant clears Rodger Wilkins’ name after a picture mixup in an American race row!
This week’s interview is with Ryan Sealy of the Caledonian Cider Company. One of Scotland’s finest cider makers, the guys discuss everything from the identity of Scotland’s cider, his peculiar diet, blending cider and his sister’s job at Wickes. Spot the appearance of the first magical Chimera in the interview, before it leaves!
New addition to the drinking game. In previous episodes we were taking drinks for book plugs and horse of knowledge sightings. In this episode, drink every time you hear the words “leaf” or “leaves.” Staff will pick you up off the floor when it’s over!
The guys then sample Pilton Cider’s In Touch, Martyn’s guest blend at the Somerset cider maker’s site in collaboration with Dunleavy Wines. It was released as a part of South West Cider Week, with a unique unveiling featuring a poem from Cidershit.
Finally, they answer the burning questions of their twos of listeners, giving their informed opinions and wild guesses, depending on the mood! Featuring all the faults of cider and their go to picks for the start of a drinker’s journey. You can follow us on Instagram or Twitter and send your questions for the “experts” there.
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