NCH: Cool AF (Sarah Warman from Hawkes Cider, Tasting Hawkes, Henney's and Aldi Cider)


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Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as your eyelids get heavy and your breath calmer before they bring you back (snap) into the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Things are cool AF with Martyn, who has been down at Pilton Cider again, and Grant has brought Rebel Root into the Re:stalk portfolio. Gabe has been doing research for his new book, delving into IP Laws and somehow segueing into an apology to Scotland. And finally, Grant’s tasting for the Salford Virtual Beer Festival went well, raising funds for Start Inspiring Minds with music and cider! The Spotify playlist is available here.

This week’s news is a big one, so make sure to pay attention!

Our interview this week is with the awesome Sarah Warman of Hawkes! Coming from a progressive beer background, Sarah now has the opportunity to spearhead one of the key cider makers in these exciting times. The guys discuss everything; from the differences in the beer and cider industries, the divisive nature of parent company Brewdog, the Hawkes Ciderama festival, and the future of the apple donors project.

Then, onto the tasting with a focus on the affordable category. Is the widely available cider up to snuff, or are the guys a group of snobs? Featuring Hawkes Urban Orchard, Henney’s Dry Cider and Aldi’s Twisted Tree Sparkling. This week’s drinking game is “spot the "Withnail & I" quote

And finally, the guys answer a listener’s question about varieties, with some deep insight from Gabe.
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