The Best Of 2020 (Highlighting Our Favorite Moments of 2020)


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Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison, Martyn Goodwin-Sharman and special guest host Producer Scott Riggs as they clean down and inspect every room, in this Best Of Extravaganza Episode of Neutral Cider Hotel!

2020 was ridiculous. It made itself known as a year unlike any other pretty much from the word go, but through all the chaos, struggle and hardship of a blackened sky, the rays of joy shone brighter than ever. One such ray, to three men in the United Kingdom and another in America, was Neutral Cider Hotel. A weekly get together inspired by the best cider the world has to offer, and gave each of them something to look forward to in the craziest of times. A chance to get together, chat, laugh and talk about their cider, their lives and everything in between. It also gave them an opportunity to make new friends in the thousands of new listeners that have joined them in the conversation.

With only a handful of episodes released this year, in spite of incalculable hours spent recording, Executive Producer Scott Riggs has pulled together all our favorite moments and guides us through a countdown to our absolute favorite episode of 2020. This is every last bit of fun we can squeeze out of 2020.

From crenellated uroliths to four minute yes/no questions, tackle and bait shop recording equipment to peasant salads, with guest appearances from Cher, Smeagle and the Founding Fathers of America to help along the way.

Thank you for listening, and here’s hoping that 2021 is a little more normal!

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