Erin Stewart, "The Missing Among Us: Stories of Missing Persons and Those Left Behind" (NewSouth, 2020)


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'To be missing, you must be missed'. Erin Stewart's 2021 book examines missing for just about every point of view.

In Australia 38,000 people are reported missing each year and in the US it's over 600,000. In the UK someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. Many of these cases are never resolved.

Blending long-form journalism with true crime and philosophy, The Missing Among Us: Stories of Missing Persons and Those Left Behind (NewSouth, 2020) takes us from the Australian bush to the battlefields of Northern France and the perilous space of a refugee camp to explore the stories of the missing. Erin Stewart speaks to parents of missing children, former cult members, detectives and investigators, advocates working on the crisis of missing refugees, a child of the Stolen Generations and many more to trace the mysterious world of missing persons.

Examining famous cases like that of Madeleine McCann to those who are lesser known yet equally loved and mourned, this unique book forces us to see the complex story behind each missing person and those they leave behind.

Erin Stewart PhD in non-fiction writing, working as a freelance writer based in Canberra. Erin approaches writing with radical curiosity, always looking for fascinating stories incorporating strong analysis and reflection. Erin focus on stories and people that/who present the unexpected and make us see the world a little differently. Topics include the intersections of culture, tech, medicine, politics, and personal experiences.

Bede Haines is a solicitor, specialising in litigation and a partner at Holding Redlich, an Australian commercial law firm. He lives in Sydney, Australia. Known to read books, ride bikes and eat cereal (often).

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