Katie Cruz, "The Work of Sex Work: Prostitution, Unfreedom and Criminality at Work" (2020)


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Dr Katie Cruz contributed a chapter titled "The Work of Sex Work: Prostitution, Unfreedom and Criminality at Work" to the book Criminality at Work. In this podcast, Dr Cruz talks about her research around stripping and labour rights. She discusses the case of Nowack vs Chandler Bars when a woman working as a stripper in a London strip club was successful in pursuing her case against the club. She discusses her other work including her research among sex workers in Jamaica. Kate's blog posts are available here.

Cruz's other works in include:

--Cruz, K., & Brown, W. (2016). "Feminism, law, and neoliberalism: An interview and discussion with Wendy Brown." Feminist Legal Studies, 24(1), 69-89.

--Cruz, K. (2018). "Beyond Liberalism: Marxist feminism, migrant sex work, and labour unfreedom." Feminist Legal Studies, 26(1), 65-92.

--Hardy, K., & Cruz, K. (2019). "Affective organizing: Collectivizing informal sex workers in an intimate union." American behavioural scientist, 63(2), 244-261.

--Cruz, K., Davidson, J. O. C., & Taylor, J. S. (2019). "Tourism and sexual violence and exploitation in Jamaica: contesting the ‘trafficking and modern slavery frame." Journal of the British Academy, 7(s1), 191-216.

Rachel Stuart is a sex work researcher whose primary interest is the lived experiences of sex workers.

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