Linda Gibbs et al., "How Ten Global Cities Take on Homelessness: Innovations That Work" (U California Press, 2021)


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How Ten Global Cities Take on Homelessness: Innovations That Work (U California Press, 2021) provides a first-hand account of the challenges of homelessness and how cities have used innovation and local political coordination to take them on. Most importantly, it shares lessons from ten cities--Bogota, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, New York City, Baltimore, Edmonton, Paris, and Athens--and draws the common themes and strategies that have worked to overcome street homelessness. The authors have been involved in these cities through their work at Bloomberg Associates (as staff and consultants) and bring an interesting array of government, non-profit, and academic perspectives to analyze the efforts underway. From these authors' perspective, homelessness is not an insurmountable social condition, and their examples show that cities can lead the charge for better outcomes. Intended readers include municipal, regional, and national policy makers and managers, non-profit service providers, and community advocates and citizens interested in collaborating for real change. Policy students in public administration and social work would also benefit from such an up-to-date account of best practices on the homelessness front.

Stephen Pimpare is director of the Public Service & Nonprofit Leadership program and Faculty Fellow at the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire.

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