Mary Woodger and Casey Griffiths, "50 Relics of the Restoration" (Ceder Fort, 2020)


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Just as early Christians sought out pieces of the cross or searched for the location of Noah's Ark, it is natural for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to seek to interact with their history. The objects in this book constitute a glimpse at the richness of days gone by and allow us to see, heft, and handle those now-priceless objects that early Latter-day Saints did.

In 50 Relics of the Restoration (Ceder Fort, 2020), you will find photos and commentary on objects such as - The Brown Seer Stone - Liberty Jail's door - David Patten's rifle - Joseph Smith's handkerchief - James E. Talmage's Jesus the Christ manuscript - Joseph and Hyrum Smith's death masks - Hyrum Smith's Martyrdom Clothing - And much more. 50 Relics of the Restoration highlights the history of the church through sacred objects gathered throughout its history. With pictures of each artifact, Casey Paul Griffiths and Mary Jane Woodger have written the history of the item and brought forth interesting stories of the Latter-day Saints.

Daniel P. Stone holds a PhD in American religious history from Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom) and is the author of William Bickerton: Forgotten Latter Day Prophet (Signature Books, 2018).

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