Black Ops: COINTELPRO & The U.S. Government's Ongoing Demonization of Black Activism [2020]


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In commemoration of this year’s Juneteenth, as countless people flood the streets all across this country calling for justice, equality, and an end to police brutality, among other demands—testament that the struggle is far, far from over—we’re re-releasing an episode that documents proof of this modern-day, state-sponsored slavery, highlighting a sinister and covert FBI initiative codenamed COINTEPRO, short for Counter Intelligence Program.

The episode features interviews with Steven Renderos, executive director of nonprofit national racial justice hub Media Justice; Michael German, a fellow with the nonprofit Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, and former FBI special agent; and Glen Ford, acclaimed journalist, political activist and executive editor of progressive online video news network Black Agenda Report.
Our musical guest artist for this episode is New York-based hip hop fusion artist, DJ, educator, activist, and one of our Artists in Residence, LiKWUid.

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