The 2021 Budget Spendathon Spectacular


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It’s our annual quick turnaround, late night Budget Wrap episode! Child Care, Aged Care, Pretending to Care.... we break down the Coalition's Labor Budget in case you fell asleep from too many low tax craft beers (valid!)

You loved the 2019 “Back in Black Budget” and the 2020 “Cushion The Blow Budget” - 2021 is the “Blow the Budget Budget”. Tune in as Treasurer Josh Frydenberg steals Labor’s mojo by spending like there’s no tomorrow, which for Labor there might not be! We break down all the big policy announcements in aged care, child care, housing affordability, infrastructure and of course, craft beer (which we’ll all probably need to drink many of after finishing this episode!) Laugh endlessly as Sky News embraces “debt and deficit” because why not?!

News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media and political hypocrisy, hosted by ex-Tonightly and Chaser editor Dylan Behan.

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