It should be 1929 NOW - Why it's not, the second shoe, and other horse sshheeet


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UPDATE: "Andy" walked off the set again. We had re-done Andy's contract at about the same time we introduced him to Raggedy Anne, but he has pulled a "Robert Downey Jr." and is now harder to find than Sutter Cane. Anne needed an eye re-sewn, so he left her. If I can get Andy to work again soon, I will, but it's really starting to piss me off. I'm thinking of replacing him with "Cuppy" from The Parent Trap, or even than clown from Poltergeist who lived under Robbie's bed. - Because the videos take so frigging long to load and YT processing is about 10 minutes before I can select a friggin "thumbnail," I will probably expand on this and continue writing the "Chronicles of Andy, an abusive, stuffed piece of cloth who makes Val Kilmer look like a director's dream "on set." (No one is known to be a bigger asshole on-set than Val Kilmer (Iceman). This isn't a joke.) === Original video: Downloaded by on Wed Aug 12 19:00:16 2020 Available for 30 days after download

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