Michael Throwback: The Lava Jato Lawfare Coup Against Lula w/ Anthony Pereira - MR Live - 8/13/20


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On today’s show: On what would have been his 37th birthday, the Majority Report takes another look back at the life and career of Michael Brooks with his interview with Anthony Pereira on the Lava Jato scandal and the persecution of Lula da Silva. Fox and Friends spin jobless claims numbers as good, Eric Trump says stock market shows recovery is in progress. On the fun half: Tucker Carlson makes vague populist argument about criticism for how he pronounced “Kamala Harris.” How to deprogram someone from believing in conspiracy theories? Trump says Biden and Harris have to denounce Antifa because of website prank. Dave Rubin trying out some impressions to make a point about campaigns appealing to immigrants. The crew discusses the allegations against Alex Morse. Jess Scarane (@JessForDelaware)’s left-populist campaign ad. Ron DeSantis says reopening schools is like the SEALs’ mission to kill Bin Laden. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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